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Liss System (Living Support Service System) was born in autumn 1993 as a response to the desperate demand from the members of “Moyai no kai”. Many asked for help to organize a funeral and to attend to other matters after their death. Many also told us that they needed a guaranty for hospitalization or for moving into a senior residence. Since its inauguration, Liss System achieved solid results and in February 2000, it established “NPO Japan Pre-need Agreement Settlement Organization”, an agency that monitors and validates Liss Systemʼs performance of contracted tasks and makes payment for its service. In November of the same year, Liss System reorganized itself into a nonprofit organization responsible for performing mandatary duties of the pre-need agreement. As a result, the scope of its activities has widened and the quality of its performance improved to fully serve the needs of its members.

【Name】 Specified non-profit juridical organization Liss System
【Principal Office】 4-35-37, Sugamo Toshima-ku, Tokyo
【Head Office】 5th Fl., 1-4-5, Kudan Kita, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
【Branches】 Sapporo, Sendai, Nagoya, Osaka, Hiroshima, Matsuyama, Fukuoka, Oita
【Officers】 Representative Director: Ayumu SUGIYAMA (9 other Directors)Auditors: Isao SHIMIZU, Nobuko IWASHITA

Our Goal

りすシステムが目指すもの Liss System pursues a “social security system of the 21st century” that enables the people to live till the end of life without compromising their values and styles and to prepare their death based on self-responsibility. In April 2000 “Act on Voluntary Guardianship Contract” came into force, which has made it possible for Liss System to provide our members with uninterrupted support when they are alive, when they lose the capacity of judgement and when they die. What we are proposing is a new life style by “pre-need agreement”, which responds to the diversified values of the day and which is accessible with ease.

Main Activities

  • (1)Play the role of the family by giving support essential for living a daily life but that cannot be done on your own.
  • (2)Act as a guaranty needed when you move into a senior residence or rent a house, when you are hospitalized and receive a surgery.
  • (3)Provide support when you lose your capacity to make judgement by dementia and other diseases. (Act as a mandatary of voluntary/statutory guardianship)
  • (4)Attend t to various matters that arise in the aftermath of the death (including a funeral and the support to the bereaved family)
  • (5)Others

Other Activities (Department of Forest Development in Gratitude for the Earth)

Since 2009, Liss System has been engaged in developing “a forest in gratitude for the earth” in Yufu City, Oita Prefecture, thus contributing to environmental protection.


Position Name  
Representative Director 杉山 歩 (Ayumu SUGIYAMA) NPO Liss System Supervisor of Pre-need Agreement
Managing Director 猪野哲之 (Ino TETUYUKI) Former General Manager Ryosan Co., Ltd
Director 天野 マキ (Maki AMANO) Professor Emeritus of Toyo University Social Welfare
Ditto 有馬 てるひ (Teruhi ARIMA) In charge of Chugoku and Shikoku Branches of NPO Liss System
Ditto 安藤 由記男 (Yukio ANDO) Former Director of Healthcare Center, Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture
Ditto 大日方 公子 (Kimiko OHINATA) Representative, “Adachien” Homecare Support Center
Ditto 生野 茂男 (Shigeo IKUNO) Former Representative Director, Koho Printing Co., Ltd.
Ditto 西村 晃正 (Akimasa NISHIMURA) Manager, Head Office of NPO Liss System
Ditto 槇村 久子 (Hisako MAKIMURA) Professor Emeritus, Kyoto Women’s University
Ditto 八木澤 壯一 (Soichi YAGISAWA) Professor Emeritus, Tokyo Denki University (TDU)
Auditor 清水 勇男 (Yuma SHIMIZU) Lawyer, Ex notary, Kamata Public Notary Office, Former Public Prosecutor
Ditto 岩下 宣子 (Noriko IWASHITA) Representative, Gendai Reiho Kenkyujo(Institute of Rules of Modern Decorum)
Advisor 黒澤 淑子 (Yoshiko KUROSAWA) NPO Liss System Supervisor of Pre-need Agreement
Ditto 松島 如戒 (Nyokai MATSUSHIMA) Founder of NPO Liss System, COO of Kudokuin Temple, Secretary-General of Moyai-no-ksi
Ditto 森 妙子 (Taeko MORI) NPO LIss System Supervisor of Pre-need Agreement
Accounting Advisor 藤井 泰博 (Yasuhiro FUJII) Certified Public Accountant
Legal Advisor 宮﨑 礼壹 (Reiichi MIYAZAKI) Lawyer, Former Director-General of the Cabinet Legislation Bureau, Former Professor of Graduate School of Hosei University, Legal Studies
Ditto 長谷川 範子 (Noriko HASEGAWA) Lawyer, Director, NPO Liss System